Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Week in Pictures

What a wonderful week we've had! We have been cocooned in our baby haze and trying to adjust to our new reality, but we have been loving every minute of it! This post is mainly pictures that have captured the beautiful blur of events that have filled our first week with Ruben.

Baby Ruben ~ just a few hours old!

Ruben meeting Nonna & Paw Paw.

First family photo - moments after Miles met his brother.

He sleeps.

Meeting Yia Yia Linda on Thanksgiving.

Our first "double Bradley" play date. Sofia & Baby Emma came over to meet Ruben and play with Miles. We simply cannot wait to watch these kids grow up together!

Ruben poses with the beautiful flower arrangement that arrived from our family in Dallas! It has two little birds perched amongst the flowers, and the vase is a nest. Just how I feel now, like a mama bird with two boys in my nest! Such a thoughtful gift that really made me feel special!

Papa & Ruben

Miles watching closely.

Thoughtful pose.

A special morning moment with my boys! Miles woke up asking to see Ruben.

Miles drinking a spirulina smoothie out of his "big boy" cup. One of the many accomplishments this week that has occurred letting us know that he really isn't the baby anymore. He is growing so fast and has been adjusting fairly well. There have been the normal bumps in the road that can be expected from a toddler who just received a new sibling that was not requested :-) But, there have been some precious moments too.

Ruben has been wearing the hat that G.G. made for Miles. The first of many hand-me-downs.

Family cuddle.

Swaddled baby.

"Uncle Marty" comes over to play with Miles & meet Ruben.

Ruben's first outing to the pediatrician.

"Aunt Lisa" visits with Wynn.

Miles in his new booster seat from Nonna & Paw Paw - admiring his new brother sitting in the bouncy chair that used to be his. The look on his face begs the question, "Was this a good deal?"

First family outing!
We all piled into the car (that had I known when I purchased it in 2002 would eventually carry two car seats I might have considered the larger version.)

Our first family trip was to the County Clerk to get Ruben's birth certificate. The half hour wait with two kids was the perfect time to unveil the thoughtful gift from "Aunt Vanessa." She sent the most amazing hand puppets; a cat and an alligator. Miles was thrilled and they were the perfect distraction for the long wait.

Afterward we took a moment to recharge with some fresh squeezed juice and breakfast treats at Marie Catrib's. It seemed the perfect place to spend some quality family time. Marie got to meet Ruben and even hold him for awhile. Hard to believe that more than six years ago now ours was the first wedding she catered in town. I will never forget the hand tied tamales she lovingly made for us! Now we get to share the delicious treats she creates with our growing family. Such a blessing.

Ruben Price - one week old today!


  1. I am thrilled for you and Mike - what a beautiful boy! I've been thinking of you often. Congratulation, my dear!

  2. Sally, I love how you've become this exquisite documentarian (I made that up I think) of your family's growth. I feel like I'm right there with you as I read your words and view the photos.

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your second little one! He is beautiful! I just lovelovelove how all of you "B-Girls" have continued to keep in touch and then go on to have your seconds in about the same timing as the firsts! Your blog makes me happy. :)