Friday, April 27, 2012

Evolution of a smile!


I love this series I took of Ruben, I call it "The evolution of a smile!"
I am not sure when this kid is not happy!  He is such a delightful baby, and
noone makes him smile more than his big brother!

December 2011
April 2012

He is growing so fast, right before our eyes.  Here is a photo of Ruben with Papou when he was one month old, next to another taken this week at five months!

One of my favorite signs of spring is when the lilacs begin to bloom.  There is nothing like the scent of fresh lilacs and I love to surround myself with them during the few weeks they are in season.
Miles with his first lilac - Spring 2010
Ruben with his first lilac - Spring 2012

Here is Miles' twenty-eight month photo... I know it is crazy that I keep documenting each month, but I have a photo album specifically for these pictures and it is amazing to flip through and see the changes. 
Ruben seems ok with the fact that Miles' new favorite game is pushing him around in the "rolly cart."  They almost have their own secret language when they play together.  Miles just makes the strangest noises right in Ruben's face and they both just giggle and squeal - it is fun to watch them really beginning to play together.

Miles helped me bake cookies!  

Ruben before his bath - looking suspicious!  
Bath time is not his favorite.

Here is the one photo we managed to get of all four kids together at our Tuesday play date.   Josie, Carson, Miles, and Ruben all hanging out on the deck.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Avian Visitors

This post is mostly pictures... mainly because there really aren't enough words to describe the last few weeks.  Here is Ruben looking stoic.

We spotted an ice halo in the clouds!

More flowers from my father's garden.  Three types of daffodils.

Ru is learning to reach out and grab toys, and then hold on to them.  It is fun to watch him get excited about the toys that have become his favorites.  Along with recognizing things and faces, he seems to be responding to his name when we talk to him.

Miles loves to eat cereal and drink the last drop of milk out of the bowl!

He had a wonderful time hunting for eggs this year.  We were like the paparazzi following him around the yard as he ran around!

This is the lemon vanilla cheesecake I made for brunch - with a walnut crust and a honey glazed fig topping!  Pretty tasty, but I still need to tweak the recipe a bit - the figs hide the crack in the cheesecake :-)

Ruben's first Easter, and first day "helping" in the garden.

I love this time of year when all of the birds return.  Just a few of our avian visitors over the last few weeks!