Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

February is over, although this year we got our extra day. Here are the monthly pictures for the boys. Miles is twenty-six months old, and Ruben is three months old.
Ruben seems to be accustomed to the fact that his mother regularly puts this strange tool with one large glass eye in his face and then coaxes him to giggle and smile. Miles seems to be happy to have someone to share in his fate when it comes to my obsession with photographing their lives. Miles has actually become rather annoyed on occasion lately. He lets me know by making funny faces or running up to me to ask to see himself on the display screen the entire time I am shooting pictures. Today the light was perfect in his room and after a "double diaper change" I managed to get them together for a few minutes to capture this portrait of brothers.
Brothers: Ruben three months, Miles twenty-six months.

Here is the original portrait of the brothers
that I used for our Christmas card.
Brothers: Ruben twelve days old, Miles twenty-three months.

I just love the way that they already look at each other and smile as if sharing a secret the way that only siblings can!
To commemorate their very first "Leap Day" I thought it would be special to take a fun photo of them leaping! Well - Ru can't yet leap, and Miles was wired - so while I tried to adjust the camera settings to get the image just right - he got super annoyed as I asked him to continually jump up and down! Surprising right, since usually I am asking him to stop jumping and calm down. Oh well. So the picture is not what I envisioned exactly - but I think it makes a fun little series.

We will have to add to them every four years and celebrate leap day by taking more leap photos! Next time Ruben will be jumping up and down too I am sure.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fourth Trimester

Our amazing midwife reminded me at our six week check-up that the three months after a birth should really be considered "the fourth trimester." I loved this term that is used to describe the adjustment period for mama, and for baby as he acclimates from the womb to the world. For me it brought to mind all of the feelings I was having about becoming a parent of two. This time around Michael and I weren't nearly as nervous about trying to keep this new little human alive, but I was petrified at the thought of doing simple things, like go to the grocery store, with two kids. I joked for a longest time that my only goal during the first three months was to keep them fed, bathed, and clothed most of the time. Mission accomplished. I would say that that we have not only survived, we have thrived.
That said - there has been a reason I have not posted in three weeks - life with two is busy! A lot has happened, and instead of trying to rehash basically the whole month I will just touch on some highlights. I have come down with laryngitis - strangely I had the same problem when Miles was three months old. Two weeks ago I managed to lock myself (IN) my car on a said grocery store outing (during a blizzard) - long story, and again I will spare you the details! We managed to live through it, and by the next day I was even able to laugh about it.

We've enjoyed play dates, dinner with friends, Miles started swim lessons, we have begun a gym membership, Miles got another haircut, and Aunt Sarah & Uncle David have visited. All this and we are still waking up at least once a night to feed and change the baby. We are definitely tired, but at this point I don't think any of us even remember life without "Baby Ruben."

By far the most exciting event in the last few weeks has been the birth of baby Samuel in Texas! Miles and Ruben are excited to have a new playmate, and I still cannot believe that my dear friend had her baby in The Lone Star State. I'm a little jealous - I always thought my kids would be Texans! I have known Mere since I was twelve, she was my "campaign manager" when I ran for Vice President of the student council in sixth grade (and I think she also she doubled as my body guard)! I hardly feel like we are old enough to be having babies, and I want to know who is going to watch them when we decide we need to go out and t.p. someone's house on Devils' Night? I guess that is what babysitters are for! Seriously though, this birth reminded us that life is precious and precarious... so if you are reading this - remember to go home today and tell your loved ones that you love them. Mere, Anthony, and Samuel - we love you guys and we are sending tons of love as you begin life as a family of three! Enjoy each moment, because time really does fly when you are measuring it in dirty diapers and drooling baby smiles!

Here is a recent picture of Papa with Ruben, trying to coax him to roll over - a feat he is on the cusp of accomplishing! My little boy is growing up. He has officially outgrown his three month clothes and I am scrambling to find all of the six to nine month clothes we saved from Miles. Ruben has been sleeping in his crib for almost a full week now, and today we even took his cradle out of our bedroom. You know how sentimental I am, yes I got teary eyed... even though he has more than outgrown it. It is hard to believe that he does not need to be right by our side every waking moment. Like I said with Miles ~ the next thing you know he will be asking for the car keys.

Finally, we have added the children's museum to the list of outings I am becoming adept at lately. Miles had been there before, but never as an agile and boisterous two year old. From the moment we walked in the door it was like he had found his own little slice of heaven! Ruben and I just watched in awe as he ran through the entire place - all two stories of it - squealing with glee and playing with everything!! The first time we went I did not manage to snap one photo. Not while wrangling a three month old, managing diaper changes, and "helping" my two year old share all the amazing toys with the zillion other kids who were there.
This time I brought the stroller, and the Moby wrap, so we had sort of a mobile "home base" where I could store the camera and diaper bag. The only challenge was keeping up with Miles as he darted every which way unable to decide what to play with next. I think we went up and down in the elevator four times!

The sand station was by far the favorite!

He loved the VW by the front door, he was "cool like Nonna" driving around.

Yep, that is a life size Light Bright - every kids dream come true!

Here is how Ruben spent most of the adventure - sleeping snug on me!

The last thing we did before we went to have lunch with Papa was play the piano. There is an awesome exhibit that consists of an assortment of musical instruments that kids can bang on until their hearts content. Miles liked ALL of them, but the piano was his favorite ~ at least on this trip. We'll have to report back next time.

SO that is the news for now. Hard to believe that the "fourth trimester" is over. It is a little bittersweet knowing that our "baby days" are over, but then again it is amazing to watch Ruben begin to participate in the world! We are finding ourselves as a family of four - and I hope that each outing will continue to get just a little bit easier!