Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

February is over, although this year we got our extra day. Here are the monthly pictures for the boys. Miles is twenty-six months old, and Ruben is three months old.
Ruben seems to be accustomed to the fact that his mother regularly puts this strange tool with one large glass eye in his face and then coaxes him to giggle and smile. Miles seems to be happy to have someone to share in his fate when it comes to my obsession with photographing their lives. Miles has actually become rather annoyed on occasion lately. He lets me know by making funny faces or running up to me to ask to see himself on the display screen the entire time I am shooting pictures. Today the light was perfect in his room and after a "double diaper change" I managed to get them together for a few minutes to capture this portrait of brothers.
Brothers: Ruben three months, Miles twenty-six months.

Here is the original portrait of the brothers
that I used for our Christmas card.
Brothers: Ruben twelve days old, Miles twenty-three months.

I just love the way that they already look at each other and smile as if sharing a secret the way that only siblings can!
To commemorate their very first "Leap Day" I thought it would be special to take a fun photo of them leaping! Well - Ru can't yet leap, and Miles was wired - so while I tried to adjust the camera settings to get the image just right - he got super annoyed as I asked him to continually jump up and down! Surprising right, since usually I am asking him to stop jumping and calm down. Oh well. So the picture is not what I envisioned exactly - but I think it makes a fun little series.

We will have to add to them every four years and celebrate leap day by taking more leap photos! Next time Ruben will be jumping up and down too I am sure.


  1. Cool leaping photos, Sal! These photos really document the size difference in your little men. Crazy! Our leap day was spent "cold-turkey" potty training. I'll have more on that for you girls in an email.

  2. I love the blurry leap shot. I think it's perfect for the day.