Sunday, March 11, 2012

Before & After

There are moments on the time line of your life that you will forever remember. These are moments that you gauge time by. They will always divide life into instances of before and after the event. Well. Last weekend our family, specifically I - witnessed such an event. And while I do not care to dig into the details, I will just say that things look just a little different on this side. As I look through the lens of my life I am more aware of the details that matter, and all the others are just hazy around the edges. The funny thing is, before - Michael and I always made a point to say "I love you," and we truly do talk about how blessed we feel in this life. I did not think I needed a reminder. I guess I did though.

So now as I look through the lens I am even more grateful for the gifts of family and friends I have been showered with! Along with the epic full sap moon rising this week I have adored the the arrival of spring's heralding birds on our back porch. I am, every moment of my life, thankful for my beautiful boys!!! Here are the first pictures I have taken.

Thanks also to all the loving friends and family who have been here for support ~ you are very much appreciated :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing dear girl!

  2. Wow. Sally, I just heard from Tom. Am so glad to hear from Mike that you are all right. I check in on the blog every so often to catch up with you and read your poetic writing as well as see the wonderful photos of the kids and of your natural surroundings. I'm lighting a candle right you. Aunt Connie