Sunday, December 11, 2011

Solo Saturday

Uncharacteristically Papa had to work early this Saturday morning. We woke up as a family as usual, and then he headed out into the cold. As the pre-dawn sun painted the sky a shade of winter lilac I started my day with the boys. Miles and I peered out at the setting moon hoping to catch the briefest glimpse of the penumbra phase of the eclipse, but it was falling below the treeline as the sun rose. As we watched we heard Ruben begin to fuss... and fuss... and fuss.

For some reason there seemed to be no consoling him this morning. Perhaps it was the fact that Papa had to leave, or that Mama was so preoccupied with the moon that she had not started breakfast, but he erupted into a crying fit that lasted for what felt like forever!

Miles, still a little hazy from sleep himself just looked at me dazed as I worked to console Ruben, and asked if he could go downstairs. (Probably to get away from the raucous soundtrack of our morning, and truthfully I wanted to go with him.)

I worked quickly - too quickly - to get breakfast made and I destroyed the first batch of pancakes! For a moment it seemed the day would be ruined before it even began. I was at a loss trying to fly solo and parent two kids on my own!

Then, the sun came up and painted the sky filled with beautiful wintry clouds.

Ruben decided to take a brief respite from his angst and slept peacefully for awhile.

My helper came back to mix the batter.

And he approved of the morning's batch of pancakes. The secret ingredient today was a blend of Marie Catrib's granola and frozen Michigan blueberries - the result was pure yum!

Our breakfast fortified us and we made the best of the day all the while missing Michael.

Then after nap time we headed over to Nonna & Paw Paw's to help decorate the Christmas tree. Last week Miles went with them to cut the tree down. He went last year, but I carried him and he certainly did not have as much to say about it! This year I stayed home with Ruben, and Miles felt really special going on his own adventure. When he got home he told me how Paw Paw cut down the tree and we have talked about it endlessly. He was thrilled at the prospect of going to visit the tree at their house. Once we got there he seemed a touch confused that the said tree was now covered in lights and decorations.

It did not take him long to get into the spirit and start putting some ornaments on himself. He would pick them up and ask "What is it?" for each one. They thoughtfully placed all the glass ornaments above four feet high, and left a box of ornaments suitable for a toddler to play with for the lower portion. Miles was mesmerized.

Uncle David came over and hung out with his nephews. (Incidentally the blue sweater Miles is wearing is one that GG knit for my brothers when they were little. It was kind of fun to be wearing such a sentimental hand me down as we decorated the tree with family.)

Ruben was passed from arm to arm as we each took turns decorating a little. Next year I imagine he will be in the middle of it too!

Later Miles put on his pajamas and planned to stay for an overnight! As darkness settled the tree lit up the room and the reflections in the window made it truly awe inspiring. Miles was speechless - at least momentarily - before he began to demand that Paw Paw get a ladder and take down the angel to play with! I adore this picture of him looking up at the tree!

Here is is with Paw Paw trying to reach up to the angel and say goodnight!

Ruben and I made it home safely and Michael eventually got home after an epic workday. It was not impossible to parent solo - but it is not something I would choose to do. I feel so blessed that it is not something we have to do often at our house. Days like this make me truly appreciate how lucky I am to have family nearby, especially during this special time of year.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, your feelings and your dearest family with all.
    love, Mom ( Nonna )