Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where did August go?

Where did August go? In all honesty I must wonder where September has gone as well - full disclosure - as I type this post about August it is actually the last day of September.  

As we settled in to our beautiful new home we found that in addition to the most wonderful place to live and grow, we also have the most amazing new neighbors!
One of the best things is that our new neighbors keep chickens, and so my seven year search for a reliable good source for eggs since I moved back from New Mexico seems to have finally come to an end.

We spent many mornings and afternoons walking the fields and forests nearby during the month of August.  My solace right now is found by watching the clouds pass or the hawks stalk the songbirds that are grazing amongst the drying wildflowers.

Miles adores the "trick" that "Aunt Ann" taught him and has stripped half the Sassafras trees on the trail to toddler height as he picks the leaves to chew on the stems. 

Here is a picture of Ruben helping me and Michael identify the trees in our new backyard.  We still have lots of work to do - but we are dreaming big dreams about sustainable gardens, greenhouses, solar powered sheds, rain barrels, perennial gardens, and maybe some chickens and bees of our own one day!

Right now the only birds we keep are the pie birds that sit in our pies.  I have managed to make one or two this summer, but the canning, preserving, and baking have all basically been shelved in order to focus on making baby food with the little time I have.

I have found that my new garden already contains some of the most beautiful roses ~ something I am going to need to learn to care for as I have not had much success in the past, but I look forward to learning more.

Ruben spent much of the month with a cold/sinus/viral infection - in that order.  Here he is with the gooey eyes that we were sure were pink eye - but the Dr. was unconvinced.  Either way we he had a tough time of it in August - and we were truly exhausted by the end of it.

When he was feeling better he got a lesson on the drums in the new studio!  So nice to have a place to be creative in our new home.  Each day we are more and more thankful for this beautiful place we have found to live!
Ru started enjoying meals at the table with us in the high chair.  No more bouncy, or Bumbo seat for this big boy!  My baby is growing so fast, and this first year of his life has been an unbelievable one.  
Miles ate his weight in cantaloupe from the farmer's market in the month of August.  It was his preferred snack when he was not hunting for "dandelion flowers to blow on."

We did a lot of dandelion hunting!!  He would squeal with glee when he saw one across the yard and then do this funny high step run / skip over to pick it!

We did manage a few family walks - especially in the evenings. It was a great way to wear out our very active toddler before bedtime.

Ruben will sleep just about anytime, except for the middle of the night.  We have been struggling with night waking, and I just have to remind myself it won't last forever. (Something I did not have the luxury of knowing from experience when Miles was a baby.) Regardless though, we are all tired around our house.  All except for Miles - he manages to sleep through the two a.m. screaming...lucky him.)
This has truly been a glorious summer, no matter the fact that there never seems to be enough time.  One thing that has forced us to slow down and hug life just a little bit tighter is the fact that our dear Yia Yia Liz has become very ill.  Right now there are not words to express all that I want to say... I won't even try.  I know we are all just thankful right now 
to have the time and the opportunity to shower her with love.

Such a bright and beautiful light she is in the lives of so many!

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