Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Life Lessons

At the risk of sounding like a broken record... October has flown by.  We have had some really special times with family though, and we are busy making memories with these two amazing boys.  Miles helped me set up the tripod for a fall family photo. I love this picture I snapped as he helped adjust the lens.

Here we are, "We're all together!"

Then we went for a little hike around our property.
That ended with a roll in the hickory leaves that just dropped from our tree last week.

Ruben was very focused as he examined the leaves, and he adored the sound of them crunching under him as he crawled.  He has abandoned his walrus crawl and moves like a big boy on hands and knees now... I kind of miss my little sea mammal - he is growing so fast!!

He also has three teeth on the bottom to meet the four on top.  He has begun pointing and waving and interacting with people.  He also loves music like his brother and his Papa!  He will dance to any tunes you play, all styles of music too!

Suddenly big brother Miles is an "almost" three year old, and he just seems to be such a boy not a baby anymore.  I think we have all grown leaps and bounds in this last year, but he especially seems so grown up.  He loves to play hide and go seek now... though he usually hides in his same favorite spot. 

We started the month with a pilgrimage to Robinette's for the traditional "apple picture."  Here is Mile's first fall picture there on the left (2010), and Ruben's on the right. 

Fall always feels like a time to "circle the wagons" to me.  Pull up the harvest, begin to gather indoors, spend more time baking, and taking stock of the growing season that just passed.  This Fall is not any different really, but the growing did not take place in the garden this year.  Instead our heads and hearts have shifted and changed with the new perspective brought on by many of the changes - planned and unplanned - that have taken place in our lives this year.

It seems like this season will not end without another major shift occurring in our lives.  As I write this my heart is heavy with the realization that our beloved GG has become gravely ill.

Right now it feels like October is telling us to slow down, take stock of the beautiful memories we have been blessed to form in this life, and give thanks for the beautiful matriarchs that grace our family.  As I reflect I have been flooded with all the wonderful memories that my grandmother and I have shared. I know it is only selfish that I wish she could stay here with us longer.  Instead I know it is time for her to go to where she belongs. Heaven is about to gain the most beautiful angel with crystal blue eyes and a southern accent... who adores cookies and snowmen! 

I always thought she was the truest sense of a "snow bird" because of the fact that she would fly to Michigan towards the snow, instead of away from it, every winter.   Now I am going to picture her rolling the white fluffy clouds into fields full of snowmen... while singing Christmas hymns.

Right now I pray for her peace and for her comfort.  I hope she feels the glow of all the love surrounding her right now as we elevate her life and her light to the next level.  We love you GG.  We will forever hold your smile in our hearts.

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