Friday, December 13, 2013

{this moment} on two continents! 13 December 2013

Each week my South African friend Vanessa and I post {this moment} on two continents! as a ritual to celebrate our friendship and the bond we share as we raise our boys "together" on opposite sides of the globe.

 Sometimes it amazes me how connected our global community is. Although we are so far away, we spent some time this week telling the boys about the life of the man the world is mourning.  The distance that divides us is made even more surreal with the fact that it is truly a winter wonderland here right now as the longest night approaches.

Night falls early and we spend our time talking & reading together in our cozy pajamas - United States

On the other side of the world our friends spent the week remembering and celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. Here Aidan used his creative talents to make artwork with hand-prints, like Mandela did in his Impressions of Africa series.  See these beautiful images for yourself at this website.
 Impressions of Aidan

Painting in the buff in warm sunny Southern Africa.
(with thanks to Aunt Andy for the addition of the fig leaf! :-)

In Vanessa's words on the day of Mandela's funeral ~
"We celebrated him today with a picnic with an old friend of Sean's and her son at Noordhoek common. It certainly is a lovely memory of this day to have watched our boys play in a stream and eat healthy food and be thankful for all we have and for the wonderful spirit and soul of Mandela which will never leave us."

Inspired by Soulemama - {this moment} A Friday ritual. A single photo few photos - no words - some words :-) capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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