Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was perfect this year!  It was my first time celebrating with two babies. My boys made me breakfast, and then we went biking with the whole family.
I loved spending time outdoors and sharing my love of nature with my babies!  We saw tons of wildflowers blooming, and I spotted a Purple Martin along the trail.  

We got home and dressed up for dinner and I remembered the photo shoot I did with Miles on my first Mother's Day.  I decided to do the same with Ruben.  We sat in the rocking chair that my mother was rocked in, she rocked me in, and now I rock my babies in. 
 It is so hard to believe how fast these boys are growing!  I rarely get them to sit still for a picture together so I was glad to capture this moment.

Here are the images I took of Ruben in the rocking chair, and I have compared them with the similar images of Miles from his first Mother's Day.  On the left Ruben is five and a half months old.  On the right Miles is about five months old.

It was the perfect day full of special surprises and lots of love for these beautiful boys who have helped me find myself in my favorite role in my life ~ their mother!

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