Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am sorry to say it, but this year has really gotten off to a rocky start. Life has definitely been stormy and uncertain on many levels.  I feel like I have been wondering about everything, and finding a lot more questions than answers. 

That said, when I need to find solace ~ 
you can usually find me in my garden.

This past weekend, we decided to have some quality family time and start thinking about the potential of things to come. I know I am not the first person to think of the analogy between new beginnings and planting seeds, but right now it seems especially fitting. There is nothing like planting seeds to remind you that good things come to those who wait, work hard, and exercise some patience.   I simply adore the act of growing things, and I cherish each opportunity to share this passion with my boys.  I hope that the act of planting seeds and helping them grow will be something they say they learned from their mother... one day.

The empty garden beds are so full of promise and potential ~ in my opinion, they cannot help but be inspiring! While we were working in the garden I decided that I would like to "start over" this year.  Hit the refresh button if you will, and begin again.  Right now the garden represents the promise of a clean palette, a new beginning, a fresh start.  Because this is an annual event for our family each spring, I think I might declare this the start of our new year!  As we look to the future, we are planting the seeds of some pretty exciting hopes and dreams for our family.  I so look forward to beginning again and seeing what our hard work and patience can accomplish!

My garden helper liked to take a lot of "swing breaks."
This guy sat in the shade and supervised :-)

Another huge new beginning this week has been the fact that Ruben is starting solid foods!  Like his big brother, he let us know that he was tired of his all liquid diet, and really interested in eating.  We are off to a slow start, but all is going well! 

In the midst of all these challenges we are truly grateful for all the amazing friendships we have "cultivated" through the years. This weekend we got to spend some time with some of our favorites.

It was really nice to be there to help celebrate Kaci's fourth birthday, and Miles is still talking about all the fun he had!  The absolute best part was that he got to take his own gift home from the party!  Crazy, I know ~ but that is just how things go when you hang out with "Uncle Joel."

Thanks again for our hand me down! Miles is obsessed with his new truck and loves driving it around and filling it with gas!  He has such an amazing imagination and I adore watching him play and listen to him make up little scenarios of where he has been and where he is going.  Which reminds me, if I had a dollar for every time he asked to "go outside" these days, I would be rich!  From the moment he wakes up this kid wants to be out of doors. 

This weekend we also had another visit from baby Wynn!  He is about month and a half older than Ruben, and we have been able to get them together three times already in their little lives. 
Here is their first picture taken when Ruben was only six days old!

This picture was taken in February on Ruben's three month birthday.

Here they are this past weekend ~ as you can see Ruben woke up from his nap a little cranky. His tears alarmed Wynn as he wondered what was up with his screaming friend?  Personally, I was so thankful for this visit from my friend Lisa and her mother.  It is such a blessing to have friends that you have known for more than half your life! I am so thrilled that now we get to share the successes and challenges of parenting as part of our experience. It will be so much fun to continue watching these boys grow through the years.

So even though it is May, and this is not your typical salutation - from our family to yours, "We wish you a very happy New Year!" Be sure to enjoy each moment with friends, and (whether literally or figuratively) go plant something and help it grow!!

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