Friday, June 29, 2012

Hospital Trip

Wow - this year has been a memorable one!  I think we have used up a years worth of drama in the first six months... so I am hoping we can be free of hospital visits and intense experiences for the rest of the year.

Well. I will try to make this post drama free and to the point.  Mostly I am adding it to the blog because I feel that this is such a great chronicle of our life for the boys to look back on one day, and I feel that Miles' first visit to the E.R. deserves documenting.

On what was already a memorable weekend, we woke up on Sunday to Miles incredibly ill.  Once stabilized at the hospital we determined it was a bad case of a summer flu causing him to be extremely dehydrated.  After an IV and an X-ray of his stomach we determined that he just needed some fluids and some rest.  Which he did right there in the room... while watching an amazing array of cartoons available on demand.  We're pretty sure he thought he was in a toddler spa, except for the fact he was feeling so bad.  I am not sure he has ever seen that many consecutive hours of television before.

I will not go into how hard it was to watch him get and IV in his arm, and how proud I was because he was so incredibly brave.  In hindsight he seems none the wiser and simply refers to the event by saying, "I went to the doctor and he made me better."  It was a challenging day for all involved, and again I am so thankful to have family nearby because they were here to help in an instant.  

Relief finally came when they gave him a graham cracker to eat and he was able to keep it down, and they let us go home.  Not an incident I care to repeat.

Now lets get on to the next chapter of this year and leave the drama and hospital trips behind!  I would say we've had more than our share.  Sincerely though, it gave me a true appreciation of some of the things that families who care for sick children are dealing with and my heart goes out to them.

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