Wednesday, January 30, 2013


2012 ended and 2013 began with an unbelievable string of illnesses. We have had ear infections, colds, coughs, laryngitis, and horrible achy yucky viruses for what feels like forever now! (And Ruben is teething again.) We had to cancel Miles' birthday party; which felt really unfair for a kid who was so excited about turning three.  We barely made it through Christmas Eve & Christmas celebrations with family. We managed to pull it together enough to begin the New Year with friends - only to get sick again!
Here is a picture of Miles, watching more T.V. than he has known in his entire lifetime, while trying to overcome his fever with his favorite stuffed animals and a blanket of mine from college.

Here is sweet Ruben hugging his "Lamby" after a nap. This was one of the rare occasions that he slept for more than an hour at a time because of his ear infection(s).  This sleeplessness is something we are STILL struggling with. As I take the time to write this post I am thinking that really, I should be sleeping, because he is right now. But, I know it has been a long time since I have caught up.  So long in fact, that I have some precious moments from the end of last year that I MUST include in this post.

Here is the moment that Miles put on the football helmet and jersey that "Uncle Marty" sent for Christmas. Have you ever seen such intense delight in child's eyes? He was literally trembling with excitement as I took this picture! Thank you again Mr. Marty.

In December we had some wonderful visits with family around the holidays. Brothers got to come visit from far away. My brother Matt and my sister-in-law Jessica got to share Miles' birthday (right before he got sick) with a hike in the park. The weather was still mild enough that he was able to ride his bike for the trek.
 Miles & Uncle Matt on the trail!

Theo Dan visited and shared some of his computer genius.  
(Doesn't this look like an ad for Apple?)

This moment was too cute as they cuddled up with their juice and some love from their uncle!

I will save my adoration for the daycare where the boys go a couple of days a week for another post - but, to make a long story short - Miles and I made bird food ornaments as tree decorations for the "Festival of the Trees" that was held in January. (For which I was super sick... big surprise!)

Making bird food decorations.

Winter has finally arrived in Michigan with a blast of sub zero temperatures that actually felt good because we were wondering where our cold weather was!

I have a great calendar that I use for Miles' preschool curriculum and it includes all of the random and obscure holidays you never knew you should be celebrating.  Through this we found out that January 23rd was Measure Your Feet Day (I am not kidding - look it up)! So we decided to participate with a family project after dinner. I think this is my new favorite piece of artwork in our house!

And, just like that January is gone. We are definitely on the mend around here, but life is still a little hectic on many levels. Right now it kind of feels like we took a bunch of puzzle pieces and just threw them up in the air and we are waiting for them to fall and see where that land.  But, I feel like when they ~eventually~ all land, we can begin to settle in to the new rhythm that will be this year; and the next exciting chapter of our lives!

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