Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rhythms, Rituals & Routines

Wow! What a month we have had at our house! I have been trying to find a moment to type this post for over two weeks now - especially because I want friends and family who are away to see the big excitement at our house! Ruben is officially walking!  He took his first steps during the Super Bowl, (something I think will be fun to tell him one day) and by Valentines Day it was his preferred method of transportation. I am still amazed when he waddles into a room. He walks a bit like a hunch backed old man right now. He has his shoulders bunched up by his neck and his legs in a wide stance. Perhaps bracing himself in anticipation of the next stumble, as he is still prone to the occasional misstep and fall. I can hardly believe I have two walking babies now!  I love it when they are interacting standing up now - just like it was something they have always done. I find myself staring as they stand and play together because I just cannot believe that my boys are this big.  Here is a series of pictures over the years now - you can see how big they have gotten.

December 2011

February 2012

February 2013
(In our favorite shirts with capes from Aunt Sally!)

We have been able to spend more time outside, since we are finally feeling better, and we have enjoyed the snow.  We put our bird food treats out and loved watching as the birds discovered, and quickly devoured them!  We have already made another batch for our winged friends.

I love this picture of Ruben as he watched Michael and Miles shovel the snow off the back deck and gather wood for our fireplace.

Here is Miles on a rare sunny day in the kitchen.  It felt good to sit and have lunch as the light washed over us warming the room, and lifting our spirits with the hopes that winter will not last forever.

As the days grow - ever so slightly - longer  I am reminded of the things that I love the most about the changing seasons right now.  I simply adore watching time pass by seeing how much my boys have grown.  The most important part of celebrating the little changes right now seems to be creating a palette for them to deviate from. I guess what I mean by that is that I am learning that one of the most important parts of parenting young children is finding routines and rituals in your everyday life that help to form patterns for your days and weeks.  As a family we are FINALLY feeling like we have a regular routine around here.

It is this rhythm in our days that I hope helps them find strength in their sense of place, their sense of home, and subsequently in who they are as individuals.  I am not saying that I am trying to map out each minute and make their lives routine. What I am saying though it that I am enjoying having a plan for our days/weeks so there is some method to this dance we call life. I am hoping it will resemble something more of an elegant waltz than a funky modern dance routine.  (Although both can be beautiful.) No matter what I know we will enjoy the process - we are busy and blessed with days full of challenges, laughter, and love... lots of love around here. :-)

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