Friday, April 26, 2013

April Showers - A Flood of Renewal

This year April has been full of showers, and showers, and even more showers!  Compared to last years strange premature warm up, this year has just felt dreary and damp; up until last night when it actually snowed again, but now we are scheduled for more showers tomorrow.  The rivers in the area have already crested well above flood levels from all this rain. It has been truly impressive to watch the rivers fill their basins to overflowing. At the same time it has been devastating for so many people, and a state of emergency has been declared for our region.  This years floods have truly been monumental, and since we are still in the middle of them, it is uncertain what the affects will be in time.

I am trying to look at all of this flooding as a cleansing of sorts. A good excuse to let all of the things that have felt pent up and frustrating after a long winter wash away with the rain.  Some of that is easier said than done. As a family we are so ready to get outside with a bit more predictability without wondering if the weather will hold.  We are having so much fun planning and preparing our property for the growing season.  Emotionally we are trying to be patient with the fact that there will always be circumstances in life over which we have no control, and know that we can always hold onto our family as pillars when storms come and we need strength and support.

I have a feeling that so many people in this country are feeling a bit overwhelmed with floods of emotion after the intense week of news we have experienced in Boston.  We were truly grateful that our loved ones that witnessed the event were safe from harm, and our hearts are full of love and prayers for those that weren't so fortunate.

My mind is literally flooded with questions about so many of the things in life over which I have no control.  I have found that I am settling into my roles in life as wife and mother, and I am filled with joy each day with the good fortune that has been bestowed on my beautiful family.  Yet, as this spring begins, I am also full of questions, and wonderings, and lots of sentences that begin with - why? 

I have to remind myself that the effects of flooding aren't all negative. Floods can have positive impacts too.  The excess of water from floods replenishes groundwater, a major component in the water cycle. The surge in water from floods can stir sediment and subsequently increases the fertility of the surrounding soil once the water recedes. And, close to my heart, more water means more areas where waterfowl can live and breed.

This spring we have made a point to pull out the rain gear and get outside to play in and appreciate the showers as they pass by.  I am determined not to let all of this rain and uncertainty get us down!  I guess this season I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed - emotionally flooded in a way - with a shift in perspective and working to find the balance as the weather changes and we wait out these storms for sunnier days.

I love this picture of my boys in their head to toe blue rain coats and pants. I think they look like little blueberries.  What do you think they are talking about? Looks like some serious negotiations going on!

So without any further are some pictures from our April.

These little guys make life so amazing everyday!

On this brisk morning we were out exploring the world and Miles was offering rides in his car.  Ruben was happy for the lift.  I have to remind myself he has only really been walking for two and a half months now.  Hard to believe.

The boys love to spend time hanging out at Nonna and Paw Paw's house. Ruben is especially enamored with Paw Paw these days.  They have a bond that is truly indescribable. Ruben literally gets starry eyed when you mention Paw Paw ~ I have a feeling my dad feels the same way about Ruben. Incidentally Ruben shares his middle name with my dad's dad (my Paw Paw) and I think it is special that he seems to innately understand this bond.

Lots of rain = lots of puddles = a three year old in heaven on the trails!

Some of the early riser spring wildflowers (Hepatica) have been making an appearance. 

A memento from our hike.

Miles has not really wanted to have his picture taken much lately, so I have let him have a try with the camera on occasion.  Here is a picture he snapped of me one night as we were getting ready to read a bedtime book.

Here he is playing inside one rainy day - learning his letters!

This picture shows the dried silhouette of last years Queen Anne's Lace on one of the first evenings we were able to work out in the yard until sunset. One of my favorite parts of spring is eking out the last bit of usefulness in the lengthening daylight hours!   I am anxiously looking for the signs of this years new growth as the Earth around me begins to sprout and come back to life.  I am going to let this rain wash everything clean, and hope that the renewal of spring will be the perfect palette for new growth to begin.

Goodness knows my boys are growing so fast in front of my eyes everyday now!  What a miracle it is to be a part of their lives. For each moment as their mother I am grateful.

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  1. Your boys are so sweet! We just started to have sunshine... not much rain, actually a little over a week ago we had snow but today it's +30C!

    Love that little heart rock. A special keepsake.