Friday, September 20, 2013

{this moment} on two continents! 20 September 2013

Each week my South African friend Vanessa and I post {this moment} on two continents! as a ritual to celebrate our friendship and the bond we share as we raise our boys "together" on opposite sides of the globe.

This week the seasons are shifting, but my traveling companions remain constant. I love seeing the world through the eyes of my boys.  Perspective, patience, and finding peace in small things are among the lessons learned this week.
My teachers.

 Sudden appearances of rainbows, and celebrating the full Harvest Moon 
while savoring a local Honeycrip apple - United States

And my question to our dear friends as the seasons change. We are sending the warmth back to you so you can enjoy your season in the sun. The boys and I are wondering, what do you call the full moons in the Southern Hemisphere? Our are named by the seasons, and because our seasons are swapped - we wondered if yours are named something different? Please do share!! :-)

Shopping at our local produce shop. We bought three strawberry plants, some veg, bread etc.
I enjoy the array of things that one can buy... All locally produced and sort of organic.

 "My pumpkin pie with pumpkins"  - and also some pumpkins with protea - South Africa

Found some great answers to our moon questions at
This is a great list of full moons as they are named in each hemisphere. It is amazing to compare them! One of my favorite things about our friendship is the fact that we live in entirely different hemispheres, and seasons. I am enamored by the fact that when I feel the weather begin to shift, I am almost pacified with my passing of the sunshine when summer leaves because I know it will be in good keeping with our friends on the other side of the world! Happy Equinox! Cheers to the changing of the seasons and the fact that we have been sharing {this moment} for SIX MONTHS now! Quite a feat for two moms on opposite sides of the globe with very small boys! {Sending my love with the sunshine to you and yours!}

Northern Hemisphere full moon names by month:
January: Old Moon, Moon After Yule
February: Snow Moon, Hunger Moon, Wolf Moon
March: Sap Moon, Crow Moon, Lenten Moon
April: Grass Moon, Egg Moon
May: Planting Moon, Milk Moon
June: Rose Moon, Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon
July: Thunder Moon, Hay Moon
August: Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon
September: Fruit Moon, Harvest Moon
October: Harvest Moon, Hunter’s Moon
November: Hunter’s Moon, Frosty Moon, or Beaver Moon
December: Moon Before Yule, or Long Night Moon

Southern Hemisphere full moon names by month:
January: Hay Moon, Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Mead Moon
February (mid-summer): Grain Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Red Moon, Wyrt Moon, Corn Moon, Dog Moon, Barley Moon
March: Harvest Moon, Corn Moon
April: Harvest Moon, Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon
May: Hunter’s Moon, Beaver Moon, Frost Moon
June: Oak Moon, Cold Moon, Long Night’s Moon
July: Wolf Moon, Old Moon, Ice Moon
August: Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, Wolf Moon
September: Worm Moon, Lenten Moon, Crow Moon, Sugar Moon, Chaste Moon, Sap Moon
October: Egg Moon, Fish Moon, Seed Moon, Pink Moon, Waking Moon
November: Corn Moon, Milk Moon, Flower Moon, Hare Moon
December: Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon, Rose Moon

And now Vanessa - you must explain your growing seasons?!?!? How is it we both have winter squash in season at the same time.... and all the while you are planting strawberries?  I am confused!  Really? Have you been growing squash all {summer} winter? I must learn more about your high and low temperature if you are able to grow squash all winter long!

<And this is officially our longest {this moment} "wordless" expression of our week.  :-) >

Inspired by Soulemama - {this moment} A Friday ritual. A single photo few photos - no words - some words :-) capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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