Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bradley Reunion - August 2013

Another Year - Another Bradley Reunion - Another baby on the way {not mine!}
(Note: I am finally posting pictures - our actual reunion was in August!)

My how fast they grow!!  Each year I am amazed when we gather again and pose our babies in front of the world map quilt that Yia Yia made for Miles.  I love that I met the mothers of these beautiful babies when we were furiously planning to become first time parents. At that point all the planning was surrounding the thought of pregnancy and childbirth - we had no idea that the work really started once they got out of the womb! 
 February 17, 2010

 August 10, 2013

Over the past four years together we have weathered all things related to birthing, nursing, diapering, teething, sleep problems, surgeries, broken bones, and "firsts" of just about everything. We have shared stories that have made us laugh until we thought our sides might split, and we have comforted each other as we have cried through some hard times too.  All this while realizing the more we learn the less we know about parenting. Each child is unique and each new experience is another opportunity to learn what to do - or what not to do next time.  Thankfully - we all decided to take the same birthing class four years ago - so we have been able to share this journey together as a team! 

The Bradley Team has grown astronomically this year - as only kids can do!  If you want you can compare the kids last year this time by looking at the previous reunion post.

(It was next to impossible to get a picture of this kid without food in his mouth from this party - especially once the cupcakes came out!!)

And of course we had to line the kids up with the world map again! We learned last year the only way to get eight kids to stand still for more than a minute is to pass out popsicles - so we tried the same trick this year!!
Bradley Eight - July 2012 

 August 2013
And then after they eat popsicles - why not let them eat cake too - I mean it is a party right!?!

I call this picture - "The Cupcake Fairy Godmother!"
Ruben especially could not believe his luck - popsicles and cupcakes in one night - life is good!
The super exciting news is that one brave family took the leap and is ready to welcome the third baby!!  By the end of 2013 we will be welcoming another member to our Bradley Team! 

I have also heard news that our sweet friends from the class that moved away are also expecting again! So the tally now is one birthing class, five couples, ten children, and two on the way! Wow - we have been busy!! :-)  You can see all five of the couples on my first Bradley Reunion Post from 2010.

Thanks again to Cassie & Paul for hosting our wonderful/action packed dinner!

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