Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Trek To Our Family Tree - September 2013

I would say that walking the trails with these boys is my favorite thing in the world to do!

On this sunny day in September we decided it would be the perfect day to wander over to our "new family tree" and capture another picture to show how much we have all grown since last March.

My boys.

Here is our September 2013 family photo.

Compared to our March 2013 family photo.

Just like in March Miles ran right up to the tree and began to explore it.

The difference of six months meant he was easily able to climb right up into the V in the tree.

Little brother could walk around on his own this time around, but the uneven ground and towering grasses still prove daunting, so he let us know, as only Ruben can, that he would really rather be carried around.
It was a memorable day on the trail with my babies! We found some of the first few leaves that have turned and fallen to the ground.  {I am still wearing my birthing bracelets for the precious babies we are waiting to meet this Fall/Winter.}

Miles climbed the new trail-head ~ and was very proud of himself!

As we wandered ~ at the toddler's pace I have become accustomed to ~ we found intricate seed pods for our fall collection of treasures.

All the while the bugs and the blooms around us added sights and sounds to this simple walk that I have grown to love; making it a magical memorable day!

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