Monday, January 27, 2014

{this moment} on two continents! 24 January 2014

Each week my South African friend Vanessa and I post {this moment} on two continents! as a ritual to celebrate our friendship and the bond we share as we raise our boys "together" on opposite sides of the globe.

Our week was filled with "presents." Here in Michigan we were so grateful for the presence of sunshine in our lives this week. We literally found reasons to linger in the windows and bask in the sunlight we have been missing so much!
Ruben stood in the sunlight and helped me do the dishes.

We decided to celebrate the lengthening days by having breakfast for dinner. We were grateful for the gift of maple syrup on our waffles! These are the simple pleasures we try to celebrate each day. - United States

Far away our friends celebrated the gift of welcoming a new member to their family!!  Meet Mila, a Black Russian terrier, who is sure to become Aidan's new best friend! - South Africa

It was also exciting to hear that the package we mailed (about six weeks ago now) finally made its way around the world! Among the gifts was the Soule Family book, The Rhythm of Family:Discovering a Sense of Wonder Through the Seasons, that inspired our own United States & South African {this moment} collaboration. It felt really special to send a copy of this book to a friend who shares my own passion for celebrating the seasons and the wonders of nature.

Finally, when I asked Miles what he wanted to send his friend far away, he answered with a resounding, " a great lakes shirt like mine"  So that is what we did. It is amazing to see Aidan wearing it, and also knowing how much love was sent along with our gifts to our friends!  For now, we continue to dream of the gift of being in each others presence.  I cannot wait for the day our boys will play together!!  Right now I am thankful for the gift of technology that allows us to share so much of each others lives. <3

Inspired by Soulemama - {this moment} A Friday ritual. A single photo few photos - no words - some words :-) capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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