Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finally! Winter is here.

Snow has finally arrived and it feels like winter! We took Miles on a mini sledding adventure in our backyard while Ruben napped last weekend.

It was so much fun to see him all suited up in his gear. He really got into the action, and did not want to stop even when we were getting cold. I guess he is in his element since he is a winter baby.

Since the snow was not good for packing we could not make the snowman he has been begging for. So, instead we carved out a snow bird on the front lawn. Michael and I had fun creating the sculpture. Miles ended up mostly sitting on top of it while we worked. That is, when he was not tossing his tiny spoonfuls of snow in our face and laughing hysterically about it!
Then we went for one last run down the hill before we headed inside to get warm. I loved this moment when I captured next spring's lilac blossoms in contrast to my boys coming back up the hill.

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