Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Loving My Boys

Ruben is growing so very fast!! Just seven weeks ago he woke up in this world, and now he is beginning to truly participate in it. He has been holding his head up high. He has been beginning to "talk" to us. Miles loves this, and as he listens to the babbling he will say "He talking to you Mama." He is talking, and he has been smiling too!

The first time I saw this my heart melted and I fell in love all over again!

As if it wasn't enough that I found the love of my life at the age of seventeen and (eventually) got to marry him. Now I can hardly believe how much I continue to love him more each day. No one tells you that when you have children you will fall in love with your soul mate over and over again every time your babies smile at you! I am so blessed to have all of these boys to love now!

Here are some pictures of the brothers hanging out in the morning. Miles was sitting next to Ruben and I went to get the camera. Suddenly Ruben began to cry (not sure of Miles instigated it or not?) But, then Miles decided Ruben needed a kiss to make him feel better.

Which reminds me of another favorite moment that took place in the last week. The weather here has been unseasonably warm and sunny. It has actually been lovely to be able to get outside and take walks with the boys, something I did not anticipate I would be able to do for Ruben's first winter here. So - Miles and I decided to sit on the back deck to watch the full moon rise on Monday. It is still new for him to be outdoors when it was dark, and he stuck pretty close to me. We sat on the bench and just stared up at the stars. We pointed to Taurus and Orion, and we talked about constellations like the ones on his favorite pajamas from Yia Yia. (You should hear him say constellation - so precious.) Then we heard "Baby Ruben" fussing inside and giving Papa a hard time. Suddenly Miles said "Goodbye moon. Mama, we go inside make Baby Ruben feel better." So we went in and gave him a kiss.

Papa and Miles got to spend some time outside riding the tricycle... I mean really - it is January!! Where is the snow - we should be sledding.

The other really wonderful news this week is that the last of the "Bradley Babies" (at least from this round :-) has made their way into the world! On Tuesday we got the news we had been anxiously waiting for and Cassie finally went into labor! I lit a candle and said a prayer for safe passage into the world.

I also sent Cassie a picture of one of my favorite birth flags, that Vanessa made me, for inspiration. I am happy to report that she had a beautiful birth and that there is another baby boy in the world now!

So that makes it official - Round one - four girls, one boy. Round two - four boys, one girl. Three couples had a girl, then a boy. One had two girls. And you know we had two boys!

I am so thankful each day for the amazing friends I met in our birthing class of all places! It has been such a joy to share our pregnancies and all of the new experiences that come with being a mom. I so look forward to the adventures that the rest of this journey will bring.

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